Why Social Media is important for your business? (very basic)

Let me ask you a simple question. How did YOU buy today?
For example, if you want to buy a camera for your kids or for your self. Usually you read about the specifications of the camera over the internet. You compare the prices through several stores using the internet.
You also check in eBay.
You read the blogs, forum and some of the reviews. This is quite important, you trust more what other people said about the products than what the company try to sell.
You ignore advertisiments (unless that there is a big offer), and also all the most of the people trust in the brands.

But many companies today are still selling in the old way. I mean, they spend a lot of money in TV advertising, newspaper advertising, etc. Some of them started to launch internet campaigns. This is not enough, because the companies must hear also what the people said about their products and their companies. They have to hear what Social Media is talking about that.

So, there is a disconnection between the buyer behaviour and the way that the company sell today.

When you enter in a store, usually you know more about the product than the expert.

This is a new revolution that the companies must to addapt quickly and now:

Posted by Sergio.


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