If is not virtual, is not real

A simple phrase, but what a big true today.
I always remember this phrase from my argentinian colleague Marcelo Galperin, who founded MercadoLibre.com.ar and today is the CEO of Virtual Company Services.
We talked about that many years ago in our lunch.
It is very simple Phrase, but it is becomming more and more real every day.
If your business doesn’t have an internet presence, nobody will know you. More over, and if your company doesn’t have a good reputation and good reviews in the social media, it will be very difficult to sell your products.

Posted by Sergio.


2 responses to “If is not virtual, is not real

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    Thank you

  2. In games there is that term augmented reality. Meaning the reality is extended with something. That is very true in the real world with adding the virtual world.
    It’s like we could eat beef as raw as it is – but if we cook it and add some spices and add some vegetables and maybe potatoes – isn’t that a better meal?

    Social Media does to our relationship strengthening what the cooking and spicing does to our beef.

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